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Quarantine Songs

by Dominick

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Fear 02:10
Fear, of dying alone, make the same mistake Edie Sedgwick made Dust, in the corner of the walls avoiding to be notice for the sake of itself Fear, I've been thinking too much, I am not the next trend not attractive enough But, I discover a way through energy and motion I invite you to stay Higher self in distance, waving from above Fear, they are not really my friends, they care less than I do, too polite speak truth Traps, made by completely strangers on the north of the globe, unmistakable brands Crimes, they paid Nam just a penny, trafaluc, leather pants made by Zara Spain Trust, Trust your gifts and insights, they gonna lead your way, I invite you to try You completely awake now, Never sleep again
Am I moving my head? or I'm talking? Am I moving my head? when I'm talking? Am I sleeping in my bed? or I'm walking? Am I moving my head? or I'm talking? Holy oh no, the best that could were say the F word, were say the F word But Holy oh no but and then, who's turning off the routine? who's turning off the before? who's turning off the before? Am I moving my head ?or I'm talking?
III 01:50
Terra do chá, sem marolar, vendo minha dor no Ebay Tento arranjar, tento alugar privacidade pra III Fica de vez, desfez o mês na insensatez de vocês Regra tu fez, nāo es juiz, nāo vou casar com inglês Bom pra vocês casal de atriz, fui mastigar e engoli Sem palhaçada, sem marolar, recebo amor de ninguém (3x) Deixa eu pensar, embaralhar, vou te contar o que sei Hoje o senhor nāo me abençoou mas teve gol do Gabigol Quem que te deu essa moral? Só as monas, as māes e as irmās Sem palhaçada, sem agorar, não aperto a mão de ninguém (x2) Sem palhaçada, sem agorar, não aceito amor de ninguém (x2) A bagunçeira sentou (x4)
So here we stay, your friends suspicious they all ambitious to have wine She got does tears, breaking bridges and overflowing the skyline Mother nature starts to call, of all does hearts you can break, baby you broke mine The hanged man speaks too low, the whole sea is coming thirsty for bad blood Swimming is all we talk about, swimming is all (drowning) swimming (swimming),so far (so far), I'll get there (get there), let go the sand and dive It's bigger than human kind. The sea is bigger than us (the sea) it's raining (raining), so far (so far), I'll get there (get there), let go the time and dive Sailing is all she talks about, Sailing is all (someday) she'll get it (get it), a cap's hat (cap's hat) but first (but first) she'll learn to steer a boat It's bigger than pubs, than groups, than crowds, it's bigger than us (blue wale) speaking (speaking), you're so dumb (so dumb), low waste (low waste) regarding self control
If a gun submit us, my heart fails to meet yours, the harm start to lead thoughts, my head start to bow down The law ate half of your bread, The law blindfolded your eyes. Don't let they do this (2x) Well, the city is calling my name (2x) Well, I heard they calling my name (2x) I bet you cops mistake your cocks with needles, I'm hearing my name (2x) Well, the city is calling my name (2x) What happen in Sampa? Mr. Mayor send me too washed out the homeless and to pull their blankets What happen in Rio? Mr. Mayor has vanished, 200 stray bullets in car with innocents Don't know what happen to me Don't know what happen to us I guess I fell down (2x) Well, the city is calling my name (2x) Well, I heard they calling my name (2x) I bet you cops mistuke that car with targets, please don't remind me I bet your cocks mistuke the cops with heroes, that's fucking lovely Well, the city is calling my name Well, I heard they calling my name
98 Holborn 03:23
Wake up Carol, I don't mind if you stay here all day long, I know that you're stoned I gave you a warning, My break just started, I don't know, I hope you show Wake up Carol, I made a mistake here all alone, you still will know I didn't want to start a fire, stations stops, I was caught all lost Like an old book of Patti Smith says I hope you know cause I can say with some confidence that any man would die for my kiss you had chance of your life but you missed 98 Holborn, I called your mama: "She went to the Ariel Pink in Heaven" I hope I die to get in, but the apple never falls from that tree Alcohol made hard times looks great, in this frozen weather I should go, the morning is close I gave you a warning, my break just started, i don't know, i hope you show Lies lies, only lies (2x)
Pooh The Bear (4x)
Neck Pain 03:26
ohh I think you get it all wrong, running out words is being soo hard G spots everywhere, moonlight through the day, we made love, I'm in love, we hit that in every way (2x) ohh it's getting soo hard, but i'm love The pill pops The neck hurts I'm seeing dots We are bills all on the clock We are swallowing frogs We are back to work Man on the run The same mistake, already made We are facing death We are selling years to earn in parts We are sending thoughts, what we're living here will be written in rocks Afraid of what my brother have become I'm on my way so save my sit Manchester the whole magic on the docks A party on the docks, Frankenstein stay steady and call the doc, before aahsuhdfj The man speaks with overdrive Save for the right time Apologies for break them up, the brave boy will break you outside Changing trains for hours and hours in seconds But seven pounds saved my mom dollars, friends of my youth worked on McDonalds Now they are all cops


released July 1, 2020


all rights reserved



Dominick Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

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